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Go paperless! Peace Hills now delivers home and auto policy documents to your epost™ account via CSIO eDelivery.

epost™ is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation.

Peace Hills Insurance now offers epost.

We are pleased to announce that our insureds can now access their home and auto policies through Canada Post epost.

What is epost?

Canada Post's epost is a FREE digital mailbox, for bills and statements for multiple organizations that can be accessed by a single log in. Store your bills and statements electronically for up to seven years. View them anytime, from anywhere, online.

Is it secure?

epost is equipped with bank-grade security, disaster-recovery and off-site backups. Your files are encrypted when you upload and download them. We take security seriously, and rest assured your information will remain private and secure.

All data resides in Canada. No data is replicated across the border or subject to foreign privacy laws.

Why epost?

  • ★ Less clutter in your mailbox
  • ★ Easy access to your insurance documents from anywhere you have internet access
  • ★ Environmentally friendly option
  • ★ Never miss a bill with mailer notifications
  • ★ Goes directly from our Peace Hills database to your epost Vault

Benefits of epost/eDelivery

CSIO sat down with Chad Shurnaik, Vice President of Underwriting and Marketing at Peace Hills Insurance to discuss our success with eDelivery.

How do I sign up?

  • Go to epost.ca to log in to your account or create a new one

  • Select “Add a new bill or statement” and select "Peace Hills Insurance"

  • Enter your policy number and postal code

You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration. In the event of policy changes, renewals and/or company communications, you will receive a notification to check your epost account.

importantNOTE: Registered letters, pink cards and cheques will continue to be delivered by regular mail.


For more details on epost, please go to epost.ca or contact epost Customer Service at 1-877-376-1212.