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If you have a question or need to make a change on your policy, you should discuss it with your local independent broker.

If you need to contact our office directly, the following is a list of our offices including telephone numbers:

300-10709 Jasper Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 3N3

Telephone: 780-424-3986
Toll-free: 1-800-272-5614
Fax: 780-424-0396
Toll-free fax: 1-800-272-8875

Claims Fax: 780-421-0984
Claims Toll-free fax: 1-888-421-8188
Claims Emergency Number:  1-800-272-5614

14th Floor Encor Place
645 7 Ave SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 4G8

Telephone: 403-262-7600
Toll-free: 1-800-372-9295
Fax: 403-237-5593
Toll-free fax: 1-800-661-7089
Claims Emergency Number: 1-800-272-5614

205-1201 Pender St W
Vancouver, BC V6E 2V2

Telephone: 604-408-4708
Toll-free: 1-877-408-4708
Fax: 604-408-4718
Claims Emergency Number: 1-800-272-5614

1744 Ness Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3J 0X9

Telephone: 204-895-0462
Toll-free: 1-855-777-3247
Claims Emergency Number: 1-800-272-5614

For general inquiry, you may e-mail us at phi@phgic.com or use our e-mail function from "Contact Us".

**Please note that unencrypted E-mail is subject to interception, loss and alteration. We do not encourage you to send information, including personal information using unencrypted E-mail. We are not responsible for any damages resulting from the transmission of confidential or sensitive information over the internet.**

If you do not receive confirmation that your e-mail has been received, you may contact us directly at the telephone numbers listed above.