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Our Oil & Gas Contractor's Plus package provides eligible contractors with Liability and enhanced Property coverage at a competitive price. Increased limits and optional coverage (such as Building, Contents or Limited Pollution) are available upon request.

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Commercial General Liability
  • $2,000,000 Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability per occurrence
  • $250,000 Forest Fire Fighting Expense
  • $50,000 Oilfield Towing Liability
  • Pollution Deductible Endorsement
  • Territorial Limitation Endorsement
  • $2,000,000 Non-Owned Automobile Liability
  • $50,000 Legal Liability for Physical Damage to Hired Automobiles - All Perils
Property Coverages
  • $25,000 Unscheduled Contractor's Equipment
  • $10,000 Unscheduled Contractor's Tools
  • $25,000 Motor Carrier Cargo Legal Liability

For a more detailed description of our Oil and Gas Contractor's Plus package, please click the following:

Oil & Gas Contractor's Plus - Brochure

Do we provide Contractor's Limited Pollution Coverage?

Oilfield contractors are often required by contract to have Contractor's Limited Pollution Endorsement:

  • This is the name of an endorsement form used by another company that includes:
    1. Coverage for spills from the operating parts of contractor's equipment.
    2. Coverage for contractors bringing pollutants onto site, providing spill from such is discovered within 120 hours and reported within 120 hours of discovery.

Our Standard CGL:

  • ∗ Includes coverage for spills from the operating parts of contractor's equipment.
  • ∗ Does not include pollution coverage for contractors bringing pollutants onto site at this time. The coverage is currently in the development stages and will be available for selected risks in the very near future.
  • ∗ Majority of the eligible risks we write do not bring pollutants onto site and should be able to have that insurance requirement in their contracts waived.

Tidy tanks from which contractors refuel their contractor's equipment may be brought onto site by:

  • ∗ Lease Site or Seismic Clearing contractors
  • ∗ Seismic Drilling contractors
  • ∗ Lease Site Preparation, Road Construction/Maintenance contractors
  • ∗ Excavation contractors

Herbicides brought onto site by weed spraying contractors may also be considered to be pollutants.

Do we provide Waivers of Subrogation endorsement?
  • ∗ Some oil companies indicate in the "insurance requirements" section of their contracts that the contractor's policy must contain a waiver of subrogation.
  • ∗ Some oil companies will accept being added as Additional Insured as this provides a legally implied waiver of subrogation.
  • ∗ Some will only accept a Waiver of Subrogation endorsement.
  • ∗ We do not normally permit a Waiver of Subrogation on Liability policies, however, if the oil company will not accept the implied waiver via Additional Insured status and will not waive this contract requirement, we will provide a waiver of subrogation. It will be restricted to work performed by the Insured under the specific contract number. You must provide us with the contract number.
Can we add Additional Insureds with 30 days notice of Cancellation/Termination?
  • ∗ Yes
  • ∗ We cannot provide notice of cancellation/termination without an address.
  • ∗ The nature of the Additional Insured's interest in our policy will tell us which endorsement is the most appropriate to use.
Should we be adding the Principals as Named Insureds or Additional Insureds?
  • ∗ It is not necessary to add the principals as Named Insureds. The principals of a corporation are automatically included under 'Section II - Who Is Insured' in our CGL wording.
  • ∗ Adding a principal as an Additional Insured would reduce the coverage available to them under the standard CGL wording.
Does our wording provide Contingent Employers Liability?

Yes, via exceptions (i) and (ii) of 'Exclusion d. Employer's Liability':

This exclusion does not apply to:

(i) Liability assumed by the Insured under an "insured contract"; or

(ii) A claim made or an "action" brought by a Canadian resident "employee" on whose behalf contributions are made by or required to be made by you under the provisions of any Canadian Provincial or Territorial Workers' Compensation law if cover or benefits have been denied by any Canadian Workers' Compensation Authority.

Does our wording provide Contractual Liability?

Yes, via exception to 'Exclusion b. Contractual Liability':

This exclusion does not apply to liability for "compensatory damages";

2. Assumed in a contract or agreement that is an "insured contract", provided the "bodily injury" or "property damage" occurs subsequent to the execution of the contract or agreement...

The definition of "insured contract" lists a number of specific contracts or agreements and also includes:

That part of any other contract or agreement pertaining to your business under which you assume the tort liability of another party to pay for compensatory damages because of "bodily injury" or "property damage" to a third person or organization, provided the injury or damage is caused in whole or in part by you or by those acting on your behalf."

My brokerage already has some oil and gas contractors and consultants written with Peace Hills. What will happen to those policies on renewal?
  • ∗ The Oil and Gas Contractor's Plus forms will be added at renewal which may replace some of the existing wordings.
  • ∗ Renewal premiums will be quoted to you. The premium may be lower than last term despite providing additional coverages. You may choose to accept the lower pricing or you may choose to renew at the same price as the previous term so that you don't reduce your commission income.
  • ∗ Large increases in premiums are not anticipated unless the Insured's business operations or anticipated gross revenue has changed, or both. You may discuss the reason for the increase with your underwriter.
  • ∗ We may ask that you have an Oil and Gas Questionnaire completed to augmentor update the information we have on file.
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