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Whether you need to insure your fishing cabin or your home away from home. Peace Hills has the type of coverage you require. The following gives a brief description of the packages available.

Seasonal Plus

The ultimate in seasonal dwelling coverage - this policy is designed for seasonal dwellings that are visited year round and that are less than 25 years of age. Sharing many of the same coverages as our homeowners package, this is one of the more comprehensive packages for that home away from home.

Seasonal Residence

If your dwelling is over 25 but less than 45 years old, this package may suit your needs. This package is similar to our Seasonal Plus but with fewer optional coverages and enhancements.

Seasonal Dwelling

If all you require is basic coverage then the seasonal dwelling package is for you. It offers basic Fire and Extended Coverages.


Contact your local independent broker today to see which policy is best suited for your needs.