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Charity Partnership Program: Pathways to Education Canada


Our mission statement is to be a unique insurance company that truly cares. We are committed to embodying this statement through every channel of our business, and as such, committed to best serving the communities in which we operate.

A common and prevalent issue in each of our locations’ communities is homelessness and poverty. Estimating the exact number of homeless persons in Canada is a constant source of debate, but is generally estimated between 150-300,000 individuals in a given year. A literal approach might be to support one of the many amazing shelters and food banks in our areas, but in looking forward and helping to slow the rate of people ending up on our streets, a significant impact can be made to one of the root causes: literacy and education.

63-90% of homeless youth did not complete high school, and nearly 40,000 Canadian students drop out every year. This limits their financial potential and ability to become strong members of the workforce. Dropping out of high school can cost provinces up to an estimated $20 million annually, with each individual dropout costing provincial governments an average $16,000. In creating a 'Graduation Nation’, we in turn have a population who are less reliant on social support services and are able to enjoy better health and employment prospects.

Pathways to Education Canada is a leading charitable organization breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

Who is Pathways to Education?

PHI Charitable GivingIn 2001, Pathways to Education was developed in Regent Park Toronto, by Carolyn Acker, then Executive Director of the Regent Park Community Health Centre, and Norman Rowen, the first Program Director for the Pathways Program. Ten years later, the high school dropout rate in that community had decreased by over 70%, and the post-secondary attendance had grown from 20% to 80% for graduates of the Program. Today, the Pathways Program has been replicated across Canada and thousands of students are getting similar results.

The Pathways to Education Program provides a comprehensive set of academic, financial, social and one-on-one supports to each student throughout their time in high school:

⪧ Tutoring four nights per week in the community;
⪧ [Transit] tickets or lunch vouchers earned through attendance, plus a scholarship to be used towards post-secondary costs payable to the college or university;
⪧ Group mentoring for Grades 9 and 10; specialty/career mentoring for Grades 11 and 12; and
⪧ Dedicated staff members who serve as a bridge between the community, parents, students, high school, and the Pathways Program.

Taken together, the four supports that have become the Pathways to Education Program have proven to our young people that the community will not abandon them.

In 2007 and again in 2010, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) undertook a ground-breaking analysis of the Pathways Program that applied rigorous analysis and measurement of the Program’s short- and long-term impact. With a focus on identifiable and quantifiable benefits, primarily higher taxes paid (on higher incomes earned) and reduced government transfer payments, the BCG revealed that for every $1 invested in Pathways to Education, a $24 social return on investment was generated by the broader community.

Click here to see some notable success stories and about how the Pathways Program has made a significant impact.

How is Peace Hills Involved?

The first ever Charity Partnership Program at Peace Hills Insurance was launched in February 2019, with Pathways to Education Canada as our partnering organization. Here are the plans we have for supporting the Program. Given that this initiative is still in its infancy, we hope that this list will grow, and that our Partnership proves to make a significant impact both for Peace Hills in bringing our employees together for one common cause, and of course for Pathways and their students.

⪧ Employee fundraising events and campaigns, including an optional paycheque deduction;
⪧ Providing mentorship to Pathways students with their after school programming, as well as speed networking, resume building, and post-secondary brainstorming workshops;
⪧ Donations of school supplies and a gift to graduating students heading to post-secondary school; and
⪧ Engaging our brokers and the public through milestone updates on TwitterLinkedIn and our blog.

If you’d like to get involved either with our Partnership or with Pathways directly, please contact the Peace Hills Marketing Department at



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