Credit Score

Peace Hills Insurance is committed to fairness, flexibility and reasonableness in all dealings with our customers. In an effort to continue displaying this commitment, we have begun incorporating credit scores into our rating model. Using your credit score to determine your Peace Hills rate will ensure we are better able to match your risk-level to a fair premium price, putting us in a position to offer discounts to those customers who have lower risk. An unfavourable credit score will not result in a rate increase.

We have compiled a downloadable ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to best equip you with the knowledge of how Peace Hills will collect and use your credit score. For further information please contact your Broker.

If you reside in Saskatchewan, click here to download the Credit Score FAQ sheet.

If you reside in any other region, click here to download the Credit Score FAQ sheet. 

If you would like to withdraw consent for the usage of your credit score in the calculation of your rate, click here to download the Credit Score Withdrawal of Consent form. Once you have completed this form, submit it to your insurance broker.


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