Payment Plans

Flexibility that fits your lifestyle.

When you buy insurance from Peace Hills, you can choose from three convenient payment plans.

Enrolment can be established on inception date of new policies or on renewal date of existing policies. 

Pre-Authorized Chequing (PAC)

If you prefer to pay each month, you can set up an installment plan that automatically deducts payments so you don’t forget to pay your policy.

This payment option offers you the convenience of choosing any day of the month as your withdrawal date. A 4% service charge* is applied to the premium.

PAC requires a signed authorization form together with a void cheque. Downpayment is optional. Subsequent withdrawals cannot be paid by credit card.

Direct Bill

Direct Bill is a payment option where you pay Peace Hills directly. Forms of payment include cash, cheque, money order, credit card, debit and online bank transfer.

This plan includes three payment options:

1. Payment in full

2. 50% due upon effective date of policy and 50% due in 60 days, plus a $10.00 service charge*

3. 40% due upon effective date of policy; 30% due in 60 days and 30% due in another 60 days (or 120 days from effective date) plus a $20.00 service charge*

Broker Bill

Broker bill is a payment option where your payments are made directly to your broker (broker fees may apply).

Secure Banking Information

Peace Hills meets all regulatory requirements for Payment Card Industry (PCI) guidelines, and all accounts and numbers are encrypted. Only authorized accounting and information systems personnel at Peace Hills have access to these accounts and numbers.

Change in Bank Account Or Withdrawal Date

Change of banking information and/or withdrawal date requires 14 days notice prior to next scheduled withdrawal date. An updated authorization form and void cheque will be required.

Returned Items | Cancellations

Payments returned for any reason will be subject to a $50.00 service charge.*

* Service charges may change without notice.

Contact your local independent broker today for more information or to see if your policy is eligible for a payment plan.



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