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Our 5-Star Underwriters of 2023

Throughout the year, Insurance Business Canada uncovers the best of the best in our industry by surveying brokers, carriers, and other insurance professionals on topics such as customer service, technology, sustainability and more. Late last year, Peace Hills was awarded for our Claims Processing in their 5-Star Carriers publication. Their most recent publication highlights the best underwriters in the biz, and we are extremely proud and honoured to have not one, but two Peace Hills employees named as a 5-Star Underwriter: Jean Marsden, a Personal Lines Underwriter in our Southern Alberta Branch (SAB), and Shelly Fedoruk, a Personal Lines Underwriter in our Northern Alberta Branch (NAB).

“Customer service is the biggest part of my job,” said Fedoruk. “This award makes me feel proud, honoured, and respected and appreciated by our Broker partners.”

Marsden agrees that customer service is an integral part of her success. To her, this award is not just reflective of the standards she holds herself to, but the teamwork dynamic and mutual respect she has developed with her Brokers. “All of our Brokers make it easy to do business with them,” she said. “Our great teamwork and their respect for our company encourages me to want to do better every day.”

Jean and Shelly’s managers were both excited but not surprised to hear of their wins. “Jean is a very warm, compassionate Underwriter who is very focused on customer service,” said Evanne Shepherdson, our SAB Personal Lines Manager. “She is also very experienced with a wealth of knowledge.”

Carol Paul, NAB’s Personal Lines Manager, had similar sentiments about Shelly: “Shelly has many, many years of experience in the insurance industry, which gives her a healthy, realistic approach to Underwriting. Experience brings knowledge. Knowledge brings respect. And respect is something that Shelly has an abundance of from bother her team and her Brokers.”

“Experience brings knowledge. Knowledge brings respect.”

-Carol Paul, Northern Alberta Personal Lines Manager

Marsden mirrors these feelings back towards her manager, exclaiming that “our managers share their knowledge freely and that’s part of what makes it fun to come to work.”

Winning these types of awards implies that the recipients are in possession of knowledge and advice to pass down to those just starting off in their roles. Fedoruk’s advice to those people is to “be prepared for change, open to learning, don’t feel bad about asking questions, and most importantly, common sense always prevails.” Meanwhile, Marsden suggests: “Be a positive person and share information; great teamwork makes it possible for us all to do the best we can.”

You can read the full “Brokers on Underwriters” article and complete list of winners on Insurance Business Canada’s website here: https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/ca/best-insurance/brokers-on-underwriters-2023-437146.aspx