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Peace Hills Insurance Continues Their #HometownTurnaround Initiative

As we approach the season of giving and gratitude, Peace Hills Insurance is excited to share the details of another successful year of our #HometownTurnaround campaign.

Launched last year, Hometown Turnaround is a testament to our unwavering dedication to giving back to the communities where we do business. Equipped with a budget of $100,000, we have looked to our broker partners in rural areas to shine a light on projects of local value in need of a financial boost. Not only have these projects contributed to the quality of life for the residents of these areas, they have also been a great opportunity to strengthen our relationships with our broker partners who are the face of our business.

“Our brokers play a pivotal role in connecting us with the heart of these communities, and as local experts, they have a better pulse on the needs, dreams, and aspirations of the people they serve,” said Chad Shurnaik, VP of Underwriting and Marketing. “By involving them in the project identification process, we hope this demonstrates our trust in their insight and deep connection to the communities they work in.”

Today, November 28th, is Giving Tuesday. It feels like no better time to celebrate the diverse and impactful projects that were funded through this year’s campaign. Here is a complete list of the 11 incredible projects we were able to fund across Western Canada, each identified by our broker partners. They encompass a broad spectrum, from enhancing infrastructure of recreational facilities to improving and nurturing cultural programs and resources.

  1. Caisse Community Centre | In partnership with LaSalle Insurance, we were able to contribute to some much-needed courtyard improvements at this community center in La Salle, MB, specifically the costs associated with their site preparation to get the project started.
  2. Carberry Splash Park | Identified by our partners at Guild Insurance Group, this new splash park is set to become an exciting water sensory experience that will benefit community members and attract new people to the town of Carberry, MB.
  3. Creighton Lodge | We teamed up with Western Financial Group to present a donation towards the Lodge’s kitchen expansion. Currently housing 51 residents, this senior’s facility in Estevan, SK provides home-cooked, nutritional meals to ensure everyone feels at home. Their aging kitchen was in desperate need of repair, and we were thrilled to help out!
  4. Didsbury Arena Score Clock | Accommodating various leagues such as Minor Hockey, Fun Hockey, and Figure Skating, this arena is a true pillar in the town of Didsbury, AB and their score clock was in urgent need of replacement. McDonalds Insurance clocked the importance of this project, and we were able to make a sizable donation to cover the total cost of a brand-new clock. No more delays and disruptions to your games, Didsbury!
  5. Ecole St Gerard Playground | This playground in Grande Prairie, AB is used multiple times a day by students and neighbouring residents, but supposedly has less than 5 years left of safe use. Together with Prairie Villa Insurance, we signed on as a Gold Sponsor to help build a new inclusive and accessible playground where all children and caregivers can play.
  6. Elkhorn District Community Centre Ice Plant | In partnership with Andrew Agencies, we were able to contribute to the replacement of this obsolete ice plant at a volunteer-run community center in Elkhorn, MB. Not only will it reach the refrigerant level that is needed to conduct hockey and figure skating programs again, but it will also be more efficient and environmentally friendly!
  7. Foremost Swimming Pool | In mid-August 2022, the local outdoor swimming pool in the Village of Foremost, AB was abruptly closed as the membrane suffered a major failure. For the last 60 years, this pool had served as a popular and important part of the community, bringing both locals and visitors together for open swims, Red Cross swimming lessons, and more. We didn’t hesitate to jump on board (get it?) with Foremost Agencies to help their fundraising efforts to bringing the pool back to life.
  8. Port McNeill Skatepark | This brand-new facility will be an outdoor, concrete park between 3,000-5,000 square feet with a design that incorporates input and ideas of the local youth and skateboarding community in Port McNeill, BC. Us and our partners at Coastal Community Insurance Services can’t wait to see the final product, set to open in 2028!
  9. Regional Fire Safety Trailer | Our partners at Westland Insurance presented a unique opportunity to sponsor the purchase of a Regional Fire Safety Trailer to benefit the entire County of Newell, AB. Affixed with all sorts of bells and whistles, this unit is expected to provide 20+ years of fire safety and prevention training to both children and adults throughout the communities of Bassano, Bow City, Brooks, Duchess, Gem, Patricia, Rolling Hills, Rosemary, Scandia and Tilley.
  10. Robina Baker Playground | When this school in Devon, AB received modular classrooms back in 2017, about half of their playground was removed and has yet to be replaced, and the existing structure is now nearing the end of its life. Drake Insurance Agency put this project on our radar, and we were able to make a sizable contribution to a new play space that will feature accessible equipment, safety surfacing and a broad range of activities for all.
  11. Town of Milestone Cemetery | This 122-year-old cemetery has been a place of comfort and a reason to come home for many generations in the small town of Milestone, SK. Several of their memorials had fallen into disrepair, and since 2018 the community has been raising money to preserve its history. Our friends at Harvard Western Insurance sent this project our way, and we were more than willing to help.

We hope that this campaign is a powerful reminder of how businesses can make a positive impact on a local level. It’s not just about funding meaningful projects, but about putting action behind our promise of being a unique insurance company that truly cares. As we celebrate this season of giving on Giving Tuesday, we look forward to seeing the tangible and lasting benefits these projects will bring to the communities we serve for many years to come.

Peace Hills Insurance is a home, auto and business insurance provider in western Canada. Headquartered in Edmonton, AB, the company works with over 1,000 independent broker offices to distribute its products. Their mission statement is to be a unique insurance company that truly cares and is committed to best serving the communities in which they do business.

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