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Peace Hills' Continued Community Support Amid Pandemic

Giving back has always been the foundation of the corporate culture at Peace Hills. We are a unique insurance company that truly cares, and that means supporting our communities in which we do business. The staff at Peace Hills are always ready to help out, whether serving on insurance industry committees, winning blood donation challenges, donating time and money to local charities or participating in Corporate Challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to remain home for the better part of 13 months now, which has meant a physical presence in our community has been near impossible. However, that hasn’t dampened the giving spirit of our generous staff. Not only did we surpass our fundraising goal for our Charity Partnership Program with Pathways to Education Canada (read more about that here), our Head Office Staff Association also continued to raise money for local charities in Edmonton.

The Staff Association Committee is a group of employees chartered with the responsibility of improving morale and building internal relationships of the staff members. They are also tasked with managing the funds raised through Jeans Days payroll deductions, which gets matched by the company to then be donated to charities of their choosing. Despite the trials and tribulations faced throughout the pandemic, these fundraising initiatives still took place throughout 2020, from which nearly $7,000 was raised.

The 2021 Head Office Staff Association Committee chose WIN House, Hope Mission and YESS as the recipients of our staff’s 2020 fundraising efforts, each receiving a cheque for $2,331.33.


During this #NationalVolunteerWeek, we have been reflecting on our time spent connecting with local groups over the years. While we certainly miss helping out in-person, we are thrilled to be able to continue offering financial support to these essential community services. You can read more about our past community giving initiatives here or our Charity Partnership Program here.