Car Insurance

We believe that service and flexibility are the most important factors when looking at car insurance and each client should be looked at on an individual basis, based on their merits as a driver.

We provide automatic coverages with our auto insurance for your peace of mind.


If we insure your property, you are over 25 years old and carry collision coverage on your vehicle, we will automatically include our Package Plus Endorsement which includes the following coverages:​

⪧ Loss of use coverage​

⪧ Coverage for non-owned vehicles: e.g. when renting a car

⪧ Waiver of Depreciation Endorsement: This is coverage for your new vehicle which will, for a limited time, compensate you for insured losses with no depreciation.

Tips to lower your premium

There are several ways to lower your insurance premiums on both your auto and property policies. An easy way to decrease your premiums is to increase your deductibles. At Peace Hills, increasing your deductible will result in substantial premium savings. Another easy way to qualify for a discount is to insure both your property and auto policies through Peace Hills.

Here are some more ways you can qualify for discounts on your auto policies.

⪧ If you are between 35 and 70 years of age

⪧ If you have been a Peace Hills policyholder for three or more years

⪧ If all vehicles in your household are insured with Peace Hills

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