Motorcycle Plus

Our Motorcycle Plus Coverage is flexible and encompasses the needs of today’s driver by offering a selection of customized options to suit your lifestyle.

General Eligibility Requirements

⪧ Residents of Alberta, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, or Nunavut

⪧ Operators possessing a valid class 6 license (Moped operators holding only a valid class 7 license require underwriter approval prior to binding)

⪧ All ages are eligible including operators under 21 years of age with a motorcycle under 650cc’s

⪧ Operators with 3 or less minor convictions, and no serious or criminal code convictions in the last 3 years

⪧ Up to 2 at fault losses in the last 6 years

⪧ Motorcycles’ under 25 years of age

⪧ Motorcycles valued up to $60,000

⪧ Long-term leased motorcycles

Eligible Types

⪧ Standard/Cruiser - includes cruisers, choppers, and standard bikes

⪧ Touring - includes touring, sport touring, sidecar, 3-wheel bikes and trikes

⪧ Off Road/Limited Speed - includes dirt, motocross, enduro, dual-purpose, trial, motard, and adventure bikes, scooters, and mopeds

⪧ Sport - includes sport, and unclad/naked bikes

Ineligible Motorcycles

⪧ Exhibits

⪧ Shows

⪧ Commercial purposes

⪧ Competitions

⪧ Racing

⪧ Speed Trials

Available Coverages

⪧ Third Party Liability

⪧ Accident Benefits

⪧ Collision

⪧ Comprehensive

⪧ All Perils

⪧ Specified Perils

⪧ Valued Automobile 19A

⪧ Loss of Use

⪧ Emergency Service Expense

⪧ Accident Rating Waiver

⪧ Family Protection

Subject to terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

PLUS Coverage

⪧ Apparel Plus - Apparel and Accessories

⪧ Trip Plus - Living and Travel Expenses

Motorcycle Packages


⪧ Loss of Use $1500

⪧ Emergency Service Expense - $100 per occurrence: max 2 per policy term

Package Plus

⪧ Loss of Use $1500

⪧ Emergency Service Expense - $100 per occurrence: max 2 per policy term

⪧ Limited Waiver of Depreciation: 60 months

Discounts Available

⪧ Bike & Auto

⪧ Bike & Home

⪧ Anti-Lock Braking System

Contact your local independent broker for other eligibility and minimum insurance requirements.




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