Farm Business Plus

Our Farm Plus package offers a number of coverage extensions to ensure your home and contents are adequately insured.

Peace Hills Insurance now offers the Farm Business Plus Endorsement which provides the following coverage extensions for your farm business property at a competitive price:


⪧ Supporting $25,000 Farm Outbuildings or $10,000 Farm Machinery

⪧ No more than one loss exceeding $10,000 or 2 losses of any size within the last 3 years

⪧ Buildings over 35 years old must be upgrad- ed to current standards and building codes

⪧ Outside above ground fuel oil and gas tanks must be less than 15 years old

Who Qualifies?

If you have your Farm Property policy with Peace Hills, contact your independent insurance broker. Your broker will determine if your farm business meets the minimal underwriting requirements to qualify for our Farm Business Plus Endorsement.

Policy Highlights

⪧ Automatic coverage for newly acquired property:

~ $10,000 on contents

~ $250,000 on building(s)

~ $150,000 on farm machinery

⪧ Automatic coverage for newly acquired livestock:

~ $5,000 any one animal with a maximum of $10,000

⪧ Blanket By-Laws Coverage up to $20,000

⪧ Contents Elsewhere up to $15,000

⪧ Contents in Transit up to $15,000

⪧ Cost of Preparing Proof of Loss up to $5,000 should you suffer loss or damage to your insured Farm Property or Livestock

⪧ Cost of Restoring Farm Operations Records up to $5,000 (including Auditor’s Fees)

⪧ Exhibition Coverage up to $5,000

⪧ Exterior Signs up to $5,000

⪧ Extra Expense up to $10,000

⪧ Farm Water System up to $5,000

⪧ Pollution Clean-up Coverage up to $10,000

⪧ Portable Farm Tools or Spare Parts up to 10% of the Farm Machinery Blanket Limit, to a maximum of $10,000

⪧ Private Power and Light Poles up to $5,000

⪧ Standing or Swathed Grain and Seed Crops up to $5,000 for fire and lightning only

⪧ Standing Hay or Straw up to $5,000 for fire and lightning only

Subject to terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

Contact your independent insurance broker for other eligibility and minimum insurance requirements.



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