Farm Plus

Farm Plus is a personalized protection program created for today's farm and ranch operations. From special enhancements for your equipment and property to liability coverages that are necessary in today's rapidly changing marketplace. Farm Plus can be tailored to suit your needs.

Along with the highlights that are included with the Property Plus coverage, the following is a list of only a few of our built-in and optional coverages for the Farm Plus program:

Built-in coverages

⪧ $2,000,000 farm liability

⪧ $10,000 loss of use coverage for scheduled farm machinery

⪧ $2,000 Good Samaritan Protection - we will pay for unintentional damage you cause to farm machinery or equipment belonging to others while it is in your care

⪧ Dual Valuation Clause - mobile agricultural equipment is insured for the cost of repair without deduction for depreciation

⪧ Liability for All Terrain Vehicles while being used on insured property

Optional coverages

⪧ Forest Fire Fighting expenses

⪧ Farm Umbrella Liability - specifically designed for your farm or ranch operation, this allows you to increase your liability coverage on all your policies in one, easy step


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Payment Plans

When you buy insurance from Peace Hills, you can choose from three convenient payment plans.

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