Oil and Gas Plus & Oil and Gas Plus Enhanced

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⪧ Minimum $5,000 on Commercial Property and $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability (for the Enhanced Form only)

⪧ No more than one loss exceeding $10,000 or 2 losses of any size within the last 3 years

⪧ Buildings over 35 years old must be upgraded to current standards and building codes

⪧ Minimum 3 years in business

⪧ Maximum $5,000,000 annual gross receipts

⪧ Maximum 10% foreign sales

⪧ Operations restricted to within Canada

Coverages and Limits

  Oil and Gas Plus  Oil and Gas Plus Enhanced
Property Coverages Limits Limits (Part I)
Building By-Laws Not Covered Included
Consequential Loss Not Covered Included
Glass Not Covered Included 
Personal Property of Employees Not Covered 1,000 each
Removal/Protection of Property  Not Covered 30 days
Replacement Cost
No same site requirement
Not Covered Included
  Specified Limits Blanket Limit 500,000 (Part II)
Accounts Receivable Not Covered Included
Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Recharge Expense Not Covered Included
Brands and Labels Not Covered Included
Broad Form Amendment Not Covered Included
Computer Form Not Covered Included
Damage to Buildings By Burglary or Robbery Not Covered Included
Environmental Improvements
Maximum 125% of Replacement Cost
Not Covered Included
Expediting Expenses Not Covered Included
Extra Expense Not Covered Included
Fine Arts
Maximum 2,500 any one item, pair or set
Not Covered Included
Fire Department Charges Not Covered Included
Growing Plants Not Covered 1,000 each
Home Office Extension Not Covered Included
Leasehold Interest Not Covered Included
Master Key Not Covered Included
Peak Season, 25% of Contents amount Not Covered Included
Professional Fees Not Covered Included
Roadways, Walkways, Parking Lots Not Covered Included
Valuable Papers Not Covered Included
  Limits Limits (Part III)
Arson Reward Coverage Not Covered 10,000
Condo Unit Owners Extension
- Contingent Insurance
Not Covered 25,000
Condo Unit Owners Extension
- Improvements & Betterments
Not Covered 25,000
Condo Unit Owners Extension
- Loss Assessments
Not Covered 25,000
Contents Loaned, Rented or Leased Not Covered 25,000
Contractors Equipment, Blanket 25,000 25,000
Replacement Cost, Equipment and Tools 3 years 5 years
Rental Reimbursement, Equipment 1,000 / 10,000 2,500 / 25,000
Contractors Tools, Blanket 10,000 10,000
Deferred Sales Not Covered 25,000
Exhibition Floater Not Covered 25,000
Inflation Protection Not Covered 3%
Land and Water Pollution Clean-Up Not Covered 25,000
Motor Carrier Cargo Liability 25,000 25,000
Newly Acquired Locations - Buildings Not Covered 60 days 1,000,000
Newly Acquired Locations - Contents Not Covered 60 days 500,000
Off Premises Services Interruption Not Covered Power, heat, water, 25,000
Other Transit Not Covered 25,000
Prohibited Access by Civil Authority, Extra Expense & Profits Forms Not Covered 30 days
Profits Not Covered ALS
Profits - Contributing Property Not Covered 25,000
Rented, Leased or Loaned Contractors Equipment Not Covered 100,000
Sales Representative Not Covered 10,000
Signs Not Covered 25,000
Temporary Locations Not Covered 25,000
Crime Coverages Limits Limits (Part IV)
Employee Dishonesty Form A Not Covered 10,000
Broad Form Money & Securities Not Covered 10,000
Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency Not Covered 10,000
Depositor's Forgery Not Covered 10,000
Loss Inside the Premises Overnight Limitation Not Covered 500
Liability Limits Limits
Forest Fire Fighting Expenses 250,000 250,000
Oilfield Towing Liability 50,000 50,000
Non-Owned Automobile Liability 2,000,000 2,000,000
Legal Liability for Physical Damage Hired Automobiles 50,000 50,000
Subject to terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

Contact your independent insurance broker for other eligibility and minimum insurance requirements.


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