Tenant Insurance

Our tenant insurance includes all our standard enhancements, at competitive rates. If you live in a fire resistive building or a building with six or more units, you may qualify for lower rates!

What's covered?

⪧ Personal Property on the premises

⪧ Additional Living Expenses

⪧ Comprehensive Personal Liability limit $2,000,000

⪧ Medical Payments up to $5,000

⪧ Voluntary Property Damage up to $1,000

⪧ Replacement Cost coverage

Property Plus

We are proud to offer you our "Property Plus Program" and the following enhancements are included at no additional charge. Unless otherwise stated, all extensions of coverage are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

⪧ Aircraft, maximum 2 kg, up to $1,500 in all

⪧ Animals, birds or fish up to $2,500

⪧ Books, tools, and instruments, including computer software pertaining to a business, up to $5,000, only while on the premises (limit may be increased)

⪧ Cemetery plot monuments up to $5,000

⪧ Damage caused by bears

⪧ Garden tractors up to $10,000

⪧ Greenhouses (private use) up to $2,000

⪧ Ice Damming coverage

⪧ Impact by owned vehicle

⪧ Money or bullion up to $1,000

⪧ Motorized wheel chairs and scooters

⪧ Power golf carts on and off the golf course within Canada - liability included (comprehensive form only)

⪧ Property of a parent or spouse in a nursing home: no limit (liability included)

⪧ Property of a student living away at school: no limit (liability included)

⪧ Satellite dishes - coverage for windstorm and hail included

⪧ Securities up to $6,000

⪧ Silverware: no limit

⪧ Spare automobile parts up to $1,000

⪧ Smoke damage from a fireplace

⪧ Theft from an unlocked vehicle

⪧ Utility trailers up to $2,000

⪧ Watercraft and equipment up to $3,000

⪧ Wine and Spirits up to $5,000

The following limits apply for theft or mysterious disappearance losses:

⪧ Bicycles up to $2,000 each

⪧ Card or comic book collections up to $5,000

⪧ Jewellery and furs up to $6,000 (limit may be increased)

⪧ Numismatic property (coin collections) up to $1,000

⪧ Stamp collections up to $3,000

Extensions of Coverage

⪧ Bylaws coverage up to $30,000

⪧ Credit card coverage, forgery, counterfeit money and fund transfer cards up to $10,000

⪧ Debris removal/Expense (limitations may apply)

⪧ Domestic fuel oil escape up to $50,000

⪧ Driveways, sidewalks, walkways up to 10% of the dwelling

⪧ Fire department charges up to $10,000

⪧ Home freezer insurance: no limit

⪧ Identity fraud up to $10,000 (limit may be increased)

⪧ In-transit to new principal dwelling in Canada covered for 60 days

⪧ Inflation protection coverage

⪧ Lock Replacement coverage up to $1,000

⪧ Outdoor trees, shrubs, plants and lawns up to 5% (limit of $1,500 per item and $50,000 any one loss)

⪧ Private power & light poles up to $1,000

⪧ Reward coverage up to $2,000

⪧ Safety deposit box coverage up to $10,000

Contact your local independent broker today to see which policy is best suited for your needs

Tips to Lower Your Premium

There are several ways to lower your insurance premiums on both your auto and property policies. An easy way to decrease your premiums is to increase your deductibles. At Peace Hills, increasing your property deductible will result in substantial premium savings. Another easy way to qualify for a discount is to insure both your property and auto policies through Peace Hills.

Here are some more ways you can qualify for discounts on your property policies.

If you are over 50 years of age
If your dwelling is less than 25 years old
If you are mortgage free
If a smoke and/or burglar alarm has been installed

Contact your local independent broker today to see which discounts you may qualify for.


Payment Plans

When you buy insurance from Peace Hills, you can choose from three convenient payment plans.

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